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Wide Open Town

18 Nov

Historian Nan Alamilla Boyd’s history of queer San Francisco to 1965, Wide Open Town, contained some great images. The Wide Open Town History collection (2003-05) contains the photos she used and some she wasn’t able to include in her book.

Chuck Arnett painted his mural in 1963, and it was featured in the 1964 Life magazine article, “Homosexuality in America.” This photograph was attributed to Henri Leleu but it might actually have been taken by Mike Kelley. If anyone knows for sure, please let us know!

A cropped version of the photo of Mona’s 440 Club appears in the book.

The Phoenix Ramblers were an amateur softball team; all the women pictured here played on the team (except Jennie).

The photograph of the lesbian house party appears in the book, but it was in black and white, not color.

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