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Disco Mania

22 Dec

In celebration of the holiday season, the archivists at the GLBT Historical Society wish you a far out holiday season! Boogie Oogie Oogie.

The Marty Blecman papers (1998-16) contain the contents of a deconstructed scrapbook kept by the award-winning disk jockey. Blecman was also a record producer and co-founder of Megatone Records. He dj’d at the City Disco and Alfies and worked with Sylvester and Patrick Cowley.  Blecman died of AIDS-related illnesses in 1991.

Maria Sanchez, DJ

15 Dec

The Maria Sanchez papers (2006-19) contain materials related to her career as a DJ in San Francisco. Sanchez was born in Cuba on November 14,1953 and raised in New York City. She was a popular San Francisco DJ, who spun records at many venues, including the Sutro Bath Hose and the Fair Oaks Hotel. She also wrote a monthly disco gossip column in “Baseline: Bay Area Disco Report.”  Her collection includes reel-to-reel tapes of her music mixes from 1978-1979.

“Portrait of a Complex: The Depressionists”

8 Dec

The Adrienne Fuzee papers (2003-27) document the professional life of one of the few openly lesbian African-American curators working in the U.S. in the late 20th Century. Fuzee (1950-2003) was a visionary artist, writer and cultural historian who helped develop and promote the work of artists throughout California. Among other accomplishments, she taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, co-founded Lesbians in the Visual Arts and was a founding board member of the Queer Cultural Center. The collection includes Fuzee’s professional and artists’ files, her writings and notebooks and personal photographs.

This flyer, which dates from the mid-1970s, introduced the art world to “The Depressionist Cast of Characters.” It offers insight into Fuzee (aka ALF) and her friends’ artistic sensibilities, their thoughts about the art world, their critique of contemporary culture and their keen sense of humor.

The Depressionist Cast of Characters

AIDS Awareness Trading Cards

1 Dec

In commemoration of World AIDS Day, today’s blog is about the AIDS Awareness Trading Cards we found in the Linda Alband (#2003-09) collection.

These trading cards come from papers collected by journalist Randy Shilts’ business manager, Linda Alband. The cards were published by Eclipse Enterprises, Forestville, California, circa 1993. Instead of gum, each pack included a condom. The same company tackled controversial political subjects and produced the True Crime, Real War Stories, Drug Wars, Iran-Contra Scandal and Friendly Dictator series of trading cards (among others). The cards creators include William Livingstone (text) and Gary Louden (art) and Charles Hiscock (art).